Disco Dining 

Date Selection
You can select ANY date in 2021 from the 1st of May (except Christmas and New Year’s Eve) If government restrictions do not allow the restaurant to be open, you will be able to pick a new date.


Amount of people

Event should be with min 40 people and max 60 people.


Can it be an indoor or/and outdoor event?

Yes, it can be an indoor or/and outdoor event, this will all depend on the weather.

If it rains, we can accommodate up to 60 people indoor.

Event time

You would have Middle Eats for the entire evening.

Event starts at 19h and can last until restaurants closure 02h00



Food for 40 to 60 people. Dishes will be offered until all the guest are satisfied.
Our Floor Manager will communicate with the event responsible to confirm if everyone is satisfied.
We will present a menu we can agree on beforehand
Please inform us if anyone has allergies or if there are vegetarians/vegans at your event.



1 arak shot per person

1 mixer per person (eg. Gin & tonic)

House wine and tab beer as you wish from 19h to 23h


We will work with a token system for the mixers which we will hand out to everyone during the evening. (1 token = 1 mixer)

Not inclusive

Any drinks after 23h will have to be purchased (or we create an open tab system).

*Open tab system can be set up with a certain budget , meaning as soon as you have reached this budget, our floor responsible will communicate this with your event organiser.

You can come up with any extra idea's and we will let you know if it is possible or not (dj, extra light, deco...). Everything that is inclusive in the crowdfund giveaway is mentioned here above, anything extra will be at your own cost.


Price Calculation
For an event on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Sunday: 60€ x Amount of people

For an event on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday: 100€ x Amount of people



For an event with 40 people on a Wednesday event price is 2400€ (60€ x 40ppl)

For an event with 60 people on a Saturday event price is 6000€ (100€ x 60ppl)

Should we pay in advance?
Yes, since it’s a crowdfund we are requesting the amount to be paid in advance.

Note: The opportunity to book the entire restaurant only runs during the crowdfund. When the crowdfund ends, this will not be possible anymore.


Proof of payment

Companies who contribute to our project can get a proof of payment for accounting purposes.  


If government restrictions do not allow the event to happen at a certain date, we will first try to accommodate you on a different date. In case the event still cannot take place after moving the date twice, we will proceed with a refund.

If you are interested or have any more questions you are welcome to send us an email at info@middle-eats.com


ME Team x